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" Why Hypnosis"


Hypnosis is a delightful way to create change. It is relaxing, empowering and 100% natural. In the relaxing state of hypnosis, your subconscious mind becomes far more receptive to positive change. Virtually anyone can use hypnosis. All that is required for hypnosis to work is that you take the time to listen to the programs and that you really want to create change. All my sessions and CD's incorporate verbal instructive relaxation techniques. Hypnosis is neither sleep nor unconsciousness. You will relax deeply while listening to these pleasant, healing and empowering messages and your subconscious will automatically focus on and "record" the suggestions it chooses to accept. This will make it easy for you to make your desired lifestyle changes.

Programs feature cutting edge hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming techniques designed with your safety and success in mind. You will enjoy and respond well to the upbeat, loving and empowering messages featured in all our programs.

What Is Experienced Under Hypnosis?


The hypnotic state automatically occurs anytime that a person becomes

deeply relaxed or highly focused. It can occur when a person loses

track of where one is while driving a car or when reading a good book.

Have you ever

jumped while watching a movie when a punch was thrown?


Most people report feelings of deep relaxation, slight tingling, a subtle

shift in breathing pattern, body twitches, heaviness or lightness and

marked euphoria. Hypnosis feels slightly different each time you

experience it, but it virtually always feels pleasant and relaxing.

Generally speaking, clients hear and remember 50-100% of what

is said during hypnosis and become very aware their body and


The awareness of room temperature, odors and sounds becomes

heightened under hypnosis. Ten percent of subjects may go so

deeply into the hypnotic state that they have little memory of the

session, but most are highly aware of the experience.


Fees for clinical hypnosis generally are Intake with KCR: $155

Individual Session: $ 165.

CDs for Weight Control/Personal Power and Excellence in

Golf Through Hypnosis are $38.00 each:

Smoking Cessation - 3 part CD series $85.00 with

intake and additional office visit recommended, cd charge is $50.

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