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Spirit: REIKI

Usui Reiki: Conducts vital energy from the universal energy field

into the human energy field for optimal development and fulfillment

promoting highest healing and relaxation.


Fee: $85.00 for 45 minute session:

Combo Reiki, Moxibustion or  Kinetic Chain Release $125 1.5 hour.


Reiki For Relief: WMTV!bD2BGt

What is Usui Reiki?

A Brief History of Usui Reiki


Article by Tracie (Eaves) Talbott

Much of the true history of Usui Reiki is still unknown in the West. It was passed down without written documentation in an effort of preserve the sacredness of the practice. There are many versions of the history of Reiki available online and in books. First, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the verified history of Usui Reiki as I have learned it. Then I’ll give you a brief summary of the history of Reiki as related by Master Takata. 


Mikao Usui was the founder of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system. Usui was a Buddhist scholar born in 1865 that seemed to have dedicated his life to helping others. He was a spiritual man and in 1922, when facing some personal and financial difficulties, he decided to go on a 21-day retreat on Mt. Kurama seeking spiritual awakening. While meditating on the retreat he had a miraculous spiritual experience that gave him his ability to heal others and to pass this gift on to others through attunement and led him to create his style of Reiki.  (He was given the signs and messages on the 21st day)


  He used this knowledge to establish the Usui Reiki Healing Society. . .Usui is believed to have had thousands of students before his death in 1926, but only 16 of these reached the Master level.

After Usui’s death, one of his Master students, Chujiro Hayashi, became Usui’s successor and began his own Reiki society. He simplified the Reiki healing process and created many detailed hand positions for treating various ailments. He also simplified the attunement process. . .

Don't Worry, Be Happy  Please listen and review Reiki Principles below:


1,  Don't Worry

2. Be Slow to Anger

3.  Be Grateful

4.  Be compassionate to YOURSELF and Others

5. Work Diligently 





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