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Past Life Regression

This endorphin powered regression is suitable for past and current life regression.

There are may reasons for choosing hypnotherapy for regression:

- to gain insight into the causes of

situations in your life

-to retrieve dormant talent and abilities

-to recall lost memories

-for personal self-discovery

-for healing from physical, emotional or

spiritual trauma in any dimension of time

and more. . .

Please contact me with any questions.

PLR is performed as appropriate

upon request.

No drug biomodulation Phototherapy

90 day guarantee


I'm so happy that you are all in my life- here's the info on the patch technology we were talking about!

You know my life’s work has always been to help others.

I’m now using the LIFEWAVE X39 Stem Cell rejuvenation patches and feel an improvement in so many areas of my life. My friends are having some amazing results and I’m having total back pain relief and great sleep. That’s why I want to share this new light energy healing technology with you!

This is drug free healing by the speed of light!

Life Wave Patches: 15 years ago, Founder and Biologist,David Schmidt made Energy Patches for US Navy Seals.They worked so well, athletes caught on, including Serena Williams and Olympic athletes. These extraordinary X39 patches were introduced January 201

It’s a known fact our stem cells start degenerating at the age of 25 and the fewer stem cells you have…the faster you age and the slower you heal.

Lifewave’s X39 patches are made up of high frequency information in the form of crystals that activate copper peptide in the blood stream - by the way, viruses can’t live in a copper environment! - they lengthen your telomeres and activate the regeneration of your own stem cells.

x39 helps people look, feel, and live younger. It also helps with rapid pain relief, mental clarity, reduced inflammation, supports wound healing, vitality, enhances sports performance, faster recovery from injuries, (good result with knee injuries and intense back pain) and improved skin appearance!

Here's some quick info:

X39 Stem Cell Regeneration utilizes a convenient patch that reflects very specific wavelengths of light to the skin.

The patch is worn for 12 hours then discarded and comes in a convenient sleeve of 30 patches.

The patches utilizes the body’s own energy in the form of infrared body heat to power up or activate the materials in the patch.

The nerves on the skin are stimulated by these wavelengths of light, and this triggers a very specific chemical reaction in the body.

The result is a specific change in the body’s biochemistry, such as “activating stem cells” without third party DNA which can be dangerous.

Scientist David Schmidt discovers how to activate the all important copper peptide

David Schmidt, founder of Lifewave has discovered how to harness the power of peptides. Peptides have many functions in the body, but one of the most important is that peptides are communication devices that the body uses to initiate various chemical processes including antioxidant production, inflammation control, and stem cell activation.

He has many videos on YouTube.

About Peptides.

The best way to start using x39...

If you want to try it for a month, I suggest joining LIFEWAVE to get the best deals, otherwise you can buy them for retail on the website.

You can go to my website -

I can help you go through the enrollment process and get the best price. If you have any questions, please  email


Latest video from David Schmidt, scientist and inventor of the LIFEWAVE photo bio modulation patch technology



x39 - Stem Cell regeneration. Elevates copper peptide and effect’s cognitive function, brain fog, Telomere lengthening

Aeon - anti stress, anxiety and inflammation - FIRST go to patch for pain relief

Energy Enhancer - sustained cellular function and endurance - proven to burn 300 calories per day, reduces or eliminates jet lag, PAIN relief

SP6 - hormone balancing and supports weight loss

Glutothione - master anti oxidant - immune system support, most important first level of defense for covid - wear every day at the moment

Silent Night - for deeper better quality of sleep

Alavida - supports skin care, improves sleep quality, lengthens telomeres, boosts collagen

Nirvana - elevates happiness hormones, helps with depression

Carnosine - increase stamina and strength, improves all organ function up to 40%

Ice Wave - Pain Relief patch that can be worn day and night- white patch on the right, brown patch on the left or directly on the pain spot.

AND, if you love horses

Acu Life - increases energy, stamina, pain relief and healing in horses

Animals have been patched up with amazing results - you’ll be able to see some testimonials about some cats and dogs who didn't have to lose a limb after being patched up in the #PatchMeUpBabe Facebook group


1. Go to my website -

2. click on JOIN after you’ve chosen your country

3. Then choose the PACKAGE you want

(Do not to choose the $25 option as you get nothing for that... optimal first package would be Silver or Above)

If you want to share the patches and make a business you have to choose the Gold Package or upgrade to Gold in order to advance to Manager.

Diamond is the package to choose if you've already decided to share and be of service with the patches and our support!

4. Click on PATCHES and choose the ones you want

5. Fill out the info and payment form then you are complete

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