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Client Testimonials

"Barbara is a warm and very skilled hypnotherapist! I had sessions with Barbara which were most helpful. She is knowledgeable and methodical and makes a positive difference in many lives"

Elizabeth  L. Hypotherapist/ Healer    04/19/2022


Kinetic Chain Release:

My recent KCR session with the skilled healer, Barbara Foss, was helpful to me on so many levels! I experienced a wonderfully relaxing, stress relieving treatment with the lasting benefits of improved range of motion and postural realignment. Thank you again Barbara! I left your office feeling like a new woman!

SVFT ~ Scarborough, Maine-1/20/2015

Testimonials for KCR mount both by me and other practitioners: Here is most recent: Just in from KCR practitioner Sinclair: " 37 year old weightlifter and former Scotland National Rugby Player. Complaining of Chronic Back and Hip Pain ... had attended Physio for OVER SIX MONTHS for unsuccessful resolution of this , plus taking daily Cocodemol to control the pain. ... after ONE KCR session he informed me that he had NO pain in either his back or his hip! ... follow up one week later and client informed him that he now is on NO MEDICATION and has NO pain in either his back or his hip. 


 Just in from Accredited KCR Practitioner Kev Buchan "Had a client last night who is a Massage Therapist. She has suffered from chronic "Golfer's Elbow" for the last 10 months! Physiotherapist has given up on trying to help her and her physician told her to give up her source of income as a Massage Therapist! She woke up feeling "weird" this morning as her elbow is PAIN FREE ! " ... how many thousands of others are working through pain or worse, having to give up their occupation, because of conditions that KCR can resolve, often in ONE SESSION ?



I had the extreme pleasure of being Barbara Foss’ Hypnotherapy instructor. I am touched by her deep desire to assist others and impressed by her drive and determination. I’m certain that you will enjoy Barbara’s mesmerizing voice and I can attest to the fact that the therapeutic techniques she uses in her programs are tried and true and have helped thousands of people to achieve their goals.

Julie Griffin, Director,

The Hypnotherapy Training Center

This self-hypnosis program is the best I've found - I've tried several. This woman's voice is amazing - you can feel yourself begin to relax and feel your mind start to open the minute she starts talking. This is well worth the money. Thank you!

E. Erickson 3/18/09

I was looking for something that would remove the fear I had around losing weight. There were so many points of view and things you should do, things you shouldn't do. Fear paralyzes and that's where I was and getting heavier. I gave Barbara's tape a shot because I had nothing to loose (no pun intended). Here is what I came away with: I consistently listened to the tape when I first went to bed. I found myself on occasion waking up with the tape finished. Gradually my spirit/attitude became more positive which resulted in my taking walks out of enjoyment rather than a chore. This was like a snowball going down hill. My attitude in many other things became more positive. It became more apparent to me that I was making better food choices, looking at things I liked about myself and learning to relax and accept myself. I know I will continue with my weight loss and I'm not afraid of the journey any longer. I love that I love myself right now. That is the beginning and most important place to begin a successful journey.I

Barbara has an extremely soothing voice and can take you to a very relaxing place. You will find you want to listen to the tapes more than the required consecutive days because of the feeling of empowerment they leave with you ."

K.M. Oram Disability Insurance Professional, Maine

Hypnosis: The Knowledge & Energy Merger

I recently experienced my first hypnotherapy session with an amazing healer and guide, Barbara Foss. It was a wonderfully relaxing and deeply refreshing experience. Barbara’s warm, professional demeanor put me at ease right away and I was able to go under very quickly and deeply. I highly recommend Barbara’s work!

Following *“The Knowledge & Energy Merger for Tapping into the Universal Knowledge and Energy Spectrum” session, I felt more alert and focused with an improved attention span, and better able to retain information. I tend to misplace random items around the house and immediately when I returned home following the session, I found something I thought to be long lost! It was as if I was guided right to the item without having to think about where it might be! I slept really well that night; and the following day I felt much more connected to myself and able to accomplish more with less effort! I also experienced some immediate improvements in family communications. I found that I was better able to articulate myself and express my feelings, and that I was more patient than usual. Barbara also provided me with a *CD, recorded in her own voice, to help “cue” me as I continue on with this process!

S.T., Licensed Massage Therapist

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