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Past Life Regression

This endorphin powered regression is suitable for past and current life regression.

Upon request, as appropriate I perform PLR.

There are may therapeutic reasons for choosing to use hypnotherapy for regression.

- To gain insight into the causes of conditions and situations in your life.

- To retrieve dormant talent and abilities.

- To recall lost memories

- To gain insight into recurring patterns in your history.

- For spiritual reasons or curiosity

- To see not only who you were but motivation for prior growth

- To visit your Akashic records

- For self-discovery and more.....

It is recommended to arrange a visit for intake with Kinetic Chain Release prior to PLR (can be done same visit). This ideally prepares you physically, reduces stress and the complete intake within this visit identifies focus for PLR and aquaints and your goals

Please contact me with your interest

My Saco Healing Arts Center Contact:


$150 1 hour 

**Intake and Kinetic Chain Release: $135 1.5 hr

Prerequisite to Hypnosis/ Past Life Regression.

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