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History of Kinetic Chain Release

High Gilbert : "Hugh Gilbert: "After 20 YEARS of Hard work and faith .. A Dream Coming True: Some 20 years ago now I finally completed 5 years of work and had developed a system to impact well being like no other on the planet. ... The results were constant and never ceased to amaze me and those I treated. I have been ridiculed, scorned and often encountered apathy almost beyond belief in the long journey since, as I persisted in bringing KCR to the world as best I could. I travelled far, u...sually at a financial loss, but persevered as

the joy I saw in people's faces as their pain disappeared and their body returned to health was a stimulus that no money could buy.... KCR does the "impossible", that was the blessing and in a way also the curse as mainstream medicine resistance remained high, yet I was happy that thousands of people (mostly from impoverished areas) were regaining their health and joy had returned to their lives. In the Quarter Century since I began this work, I have personally taught/ brought KCR to Calgary, Edmonton, Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, and Olds, Alberta, Canada; Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada; Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada; Phoenix, Sedona, Prescott,and Cottonwood, Arizona; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Orlando,Florida, Dallas and Keller, Texas, San Diego,California, Chicago Illinois, St.Louis, Missouri, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, Portland, Maine, USA; Kona and Hilo Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, Tepic and Colima Mexico; Bariloche, Argentina; Amsterdam, Holland; Portrush and Gweedore, Ireland; London, Glastonbury and St. Alban's, England,and Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Ayrshire Scotland, to name but some. KCR has been implemented now in Canada,USA, UK, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Azerbijan, Slovenia,Iceland, Poland, Hong Kong, Hawaii, France, Trinidad,Phillipines,India, Switzerland,South Africa, and more. KCR has proven itself and stood the test of time and is as brilliant and stunning now as it ever was. So this is NOT a new, untested procedure by any means whatsoever. It is a safe, efficient and easily implemented cure for hundreds of thousands of people currently suffering around the world. I now have probably around 500 practitioners trained and the need is there for THOUSANDS more" 

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