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The  Hypnosis for Excellence In Golf  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis as you have the desire to improve, believe and make it happen.  The program uses neuro-linguistic programming:  One section has you entering the energy “body” of an admired golfer and performing up to you maximum level.  There is also another segment using this technique that is effective.  I have used energy techniques and a phrase from “The Legend of the Bagger Vance” within the  hypnotic process and tigers affirmations in this program.

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool in dramatically improving your golf game. The hypnotic state automatically occurs when a person becomes deeply relaxed or highly focused. Hypnosis feels slightly different each time you experience it, but it always feels pleasant and relaxing and will support you in fine-tuning your mind/body connection to replicate the more advanced level golfer. 

One thing I have noticed when doing group sessions at Education is that many golfers have poor self  talk.  This program reinforces positive affirmations.   I help you to form your own affirmations during individual sessions.

I am available for individual or group  in office sessions at Saco Healing Arts.

Self- hypnosis CD:  Simply find a quiet place to relax and recline for ½ hour, loosen all restrictive clothing and follow the instructions on the CD to focus on an object and breathe in and exhale as I suggest in the script. Then you simply relax and listen to the rest of the CD and follow in your mind the images presented.   After  listening to this  CD (the more you listen to it, the better the results)  you will have improved focus and confidence for better control on the golf course and continued support in enhancing your golf skills.  The CD  is a good buy and a great Father's Day, birthdays, Mom  gift !

Also available in limited numbers:  Recycled titleist golf balls  $12 per dozen with purchase of CD or live session.

Where to purchase this CD:  Amazon,   Saco Healing Arts Center ($38) ;       Mystic Bee in Bridgeton, ME; and on cdbaby below


They are available online in MP3 downloads.