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                                          Five Easy Steps    



FIVE  Easy Steps to Optimal Health Smorgasbord:  Consider Some or All.

I have spent much time analyzing and  practicing modalities and offerings to help me and my clients and  to expand my expertise to the next level.   I recommend offerings from my practice and  other respected practitioners  and sources to blend your goals  together !                                                                                                                                                             


1.            KCR Kinetic Chain Release:   www: kineticchainrelease.com

              I recently completed Level II training for this exciting NEW to the    

              US protocol to bring the body back into balance, in many 

              cases alleviating problems such as weak ankles, knee problems,

              hip and joint pain, pelvic discomforts, back, shoulder,  neck pain,

             TMJ, headaches and more.                  



              Myofacia  awareness and self exercise is part of KCR



  2.         Nutritionals – USANA (Teamnorthrup (Dr. Christiana)  


             USANA Supplements for Inflammation (Procasa, Proflavinol,



             Free Health Assessment     

              www.truehealthassessment.com?distId=7072466:  You will 


             receive health  assessment  even if  you do not place an order.  If

             you wish to place an order, please contact me for  

             wholesale price.          

              Please ask about  the Reset (weight and maintenance program)

              offered by USANA.            



3.         Hypnosis


            Individual in office session  or CD Program:  Weight   

            Control/Personal  Power; Smoking Cessation (3 part Series),

            Excellence in Golf  through Hypnosis.  Individual sessions on area

           of  this  focus.  In office visits   to meet client's needs which may 

           include Wellness, Metaphysical Healing and Releasement, Mental    

           Massage, Happiness, Health and Success, Pregnancy,“Paradise for

           Dental Procedures”, Excellence in Golf, Super Kids and Past Life

           Regression to name several as well as any topic of positive

           change. Clients begin with children age 10.                        

New offerings:  An Energy Exchange program that  taps into the universal knowledge and energy spectrum



 4.     Reiki:  Ask about an introductory session following Hypnosis


         Usui Reiki conducts  vital energy from the universal energy field into

         the human energy field for optimal  development and fulfillment

         promoting highest healing and relaxation.

         Ho’oponopono – a Hawaiian

         practice:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qoq75-DQm4



5.   Manifest your joy  

      M= D - R  Example:   If you manifest  a goal (as  Desire  9 out of 10)  

      and your Resistance by thinking  probability is a 5, then you  have  9-5=

      40 percent chance it will occur .  Perhaps  manifest a desire closer to

      10  with  Zero Resistance.  I can help you with that process.           

    Suggested Readings and Sites:  



    Ignite Calm:  Book and interview that

    explains: http://wtnh.com/2015/01/15/book-lovers-ignite-calm-achieving-bliss-in-your-work/

    Free the Unicorn – Hugh Gilbert   

    Love Affair with Money – Kate Northrup

   Goddesses Never Age:  - Dr. Christiane Northrup

    Sites and Information:

    Signup for Free Holestic Collaborative Contributors Digital

    online Magazine:  Inner Tapestry    http://heartglow.org/wp/

     Elemental Attunement Jewelry by Silla:     


     Look for:  Time of Healing- group session offered bi annually by Hugh




                        Saco Healing Arts Center:       http://www.sacohealingarts.com/who-we-are/barbara-foss

Barbara  Foss, CH:       207-934-4133