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Weight Control/ Personal Power

This program encourages self love and positive, productive behavior. The pleasant, upbeat messages heard during this program will enable you to view weight loss positively; desire increased levels of exercise, water and health food; empower you to make the helpful changes in your lifestyle that will ensure lasting success and, as importantly, your feelings of well being and confidence while achieving your deepest desires and goals.

During the envisioning "Movie Screen" segment, you may incorporate all desired changes in addition to weight loss.

Your subconscious mind will automatically adapt positive thought processes; therefore, ideal productive behavior will result. Repeated use of this program will enable you to think and behave in ways that create your happiness, health and ideal body weight.

After achieving your goals, periodically listen to provided CD as desired for reinforcement.

As a bonus, a post-hypnotic suggestion for you to self instill is included in this program to help you reach your goals!

The CD program can be listened to at any time of day that you can spare a half-hour to totally relax. This program is so powerful that it will even work if you listen to it while sleeping. If you wish new freedom and power with respect to everyday living, this program gently allows you to change your past perceptions and happily create your ideal future. Great gift to yourself, Mother's Day gift !

In office sessions and self - hypnosis CDs are available.

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