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Description: A Universal Energy Exchange hypnosis session that taps into universal knowledge and energy for an intention set by you. Ideal for individuals to obtain and exchange enlightenment regarding an issue or personal relationship; recover information from the past or from spirit; ask to merge knowledge with others higher entities for understanding and improved communication and understanding: or simply enhance their own ability of identifying their purpose. This powerful program’s expectation and demonstrated ability for you to be provided with the knowledge you seek at the appropriate time.

The session is very relaxing and gives affirmations for a healthy happy life and success.
As this is limited to a small group, I will provide an individual affirmation for each participant during this session. For optimum results from this hypnosis session, please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat and pillow for reclining on floor area. If you have any questions at all, or to see my other offerings such as Kinetic Chain Release, please contact me!http://www.hypnotherapycomfortzone.com/ or

Would you like to give a gift Mom will remember, cherish and benefit her physically and emotionally?
I offer individual sessions of
Kinetic Chain Release with Reiki
Universal Energy Exchange or other hypnosis topic of choice.

 Our practitioner group offers group sessions of friends for any occasion, non traditional bacherlette parties, birthdays, girls night out with the above offerings and to include card readings or psychic/mediumship readings and even self applied facial with amazing sense products.
Prices according to service package
Held at Saco Healing Arts Center in Saco Maine
Please contact me if you have interest. Gift Certificate for any event or Mothers Day for future use!


*KCR   (Free 3 card Oracle Reading with KCR)              *REIKI   

AVAILABLE  RIGHT  AT Saco Healing Arts (See below for health investment fee)

Kinetic Chain ReleaseI have completed Level II training for this exciting NEW protocol to the US to bring the body back into balance, in many cases alleviating problems such as weak ankles, knee problems, hip and joint pain, pelvic discomforts, back, shoulder, neck pain, TMJ headaches and more. This protocol has demonstrated ability to even leg lengths and with simple shoulder techniques, increase ROM quickly! It is truly amazing and needs to be experienced to understand fully. Has been known to provide emotional releases, better sleep and clarity, focus and generally feeling better with body alignment!

Moxibustion:  There is a tradition in Chinese medicine to use moxa to boost body and immune system between October and March.  Also for longevity and arthritis and to increase range of motion and alleviate  pain.  It feels really good and is effective.


   Barbara Foss        

If interested call me at 934-4133 to answer any questions.   I am looking forward to talking to you !  Specify your desire: 

Kinetic Chain Release  (with free 3 Card Oracle Reading):   $45 

Kinetic Chain Release Plus either

    Reiki  or   Moxibustion:   $70 

Hypnosis:  Past Life Regression with a short intake at and preceding session:    $70   

“Just”  Reiki or Moxibustion  (with free 3 card Oracle Reading) :  $35  

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